Who Is MikaCreates??

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Hello Mom Friends! I'm Mika creator and owner of Melanin Mom Magic(Mika_Creates_). I'm a full time stay at home Mom of 4 children, and it doesn't stop there! I am a fulltime wife, student, and on top of all of that, a business Mompreneur! Now before you ask what is wrong with her, let me tell you, it is a struggle. But with the determination and support I have, I am making things happen. 

I started Melanin Mom Magic because for one, I am all about my family. So I move about in ways that are beneficial for them. Along the journey as a Mom we face many obstacles and one major is keeping our self confidence high. It can really be tough to carry on if you don't believe you have what it takes. So I have found a solution. 

I create self certifying apparel for women to feel strong and empowered within their role as a Mother. I also share what I've learned through my experience to overcome the struggles we face as a Mother. 

Welcome, I look forward to growing together to build the Village It Takes to raise a Mother!

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