You Are More Than a Mother! (Muva)

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First and foremost let me start by saying that to be a Mother is an honor. I enjoy the unconditional love reciprocated from my family. I admit being a woman of a family can come with so much responsibility that it gets easy to become wrapped up and forget ourselves.  We know this all too well! We often lose sight of who we are before motherhood.  We forget what we enjoy and what keeps our cup full.

Now sometimes it is okay to leave the old you in the past and redefine who you want to be. As time goes on I have learned that we evolve. We shift and change and the old things doesn't tickle our fancy too much anymore. And real talk, I am more than okay with that. It's about the Glow Up for me! Period! I am addicted to becoming thee best me I can be. It doesn't mean that the dreams and goals you once had pre-family are over. They can still be achieved by a more mature and experience You!

Let's chat about how to overcome Mom Identity and how to prevent this struggle that so many of us face


Get in tune with your core values. Aligning with your values can change your satisfaction in life. You will feel more purpose driven and accepting of what you discover. 

Take a Personality/Character Assessment. An assessment can help you to analyze who you are. Its gives you a more inside look on how you are wired. It gives insight on the woman you may not know is there. This gives you the opportunity to resonate with those findings and intentionally explore that side of yourself. 

Spend some time alone. Really take the time to build up your self confidence. Do things to make yourself feel good. Read, journal, exercise, really dig deep into what your purpose may be. 

Get Out. Explore the outside world. Get together with friends and family. Go out with your significant other. Try new things. Really pay attention to the social side of who you are. Fresh air is good for the mind. It relieves stress and helps you to appreciate relationships with others. 

Remember you deserve to be who you are as an individual. Yes you're a damn good Mother. But you are also a human. A person who deserves to be yourself and enjoy life. You will be a better Mom when you feel happy with who you are outside of Motherhood!

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